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Heya! I’m an Brazilian Illustrator.
I mainly make illustrations,comics,
write stuff about my
own ocs and sometimes i make Live2D!
If you have any questions,
feel free to contact me via Twitter or other!
They/Them 👍
Bday: 16 July (Cancer ♋️)
❖ Location: São Paulo,Brazil🎃Programs:🥀Art/Animation: Clip Studio,FireAlpaca,
Medibang Paint
🥀Other: Live2D Cubism,Vtube Studio🥀Games: RPG Maker👻 My Interests 👻☁︎Games: Pokemon,Splatoon,Stardew Valley,Cookie Run,Genshin Impact,Minecraft,Pony Town,NitW,Assasins Creed,etc.☁︎Music: Mainly Rock and classical music: Vocaloid,Three Days Grace,Perfume,Set It Off,Kiltro,MARETU,Ghost,I monster,Mother Mother,etc!
I also often hear game BGM’s lfmao
Fishes,so many!!!
☁︎Food: Coffee,Cheese,Pudding,Meat in general!☁︎Classic Artists: Van Gogh,Gustav Klimt,Monet,Gustave Dore…💖☁︎Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion,The Vampire dies
in no time,Bungou Stray Dogs,Sanrio,One Punch Man,Kobayashi-San Chi no Maid Dragon,SK8.

Mostly of my stories contains
dark themes and violence
not suited for children and it is a 15+
recommend age to see!
There will be be themes of war, violence, death, illness/disease, plague,poverty, grief,etc.
I also sometimes will draw Suggestive Stuff,
so stay warned.👍
❌DNI’S❌There are no fandoms or people on this list,so far!I don't mind if you like/follow something that i don't personally like or support,i won’t cause a drama for it.That is your choice at the end of the day and frankly
none of my business...!
*But,if you’ve been blocked by me somewhere…then there’s probably a reason.Said this:

If I do not like a person or a character i close
my eyes and do not interact so i expect the same courtesy,please.🚫

Any sensitive fictional content i draw
are usually YES to express and explore darker
But i do NOT condone
or like the actions of any of these things in real life!
(I have to state the obvious lfmao)

GENERAL DNI:👻 If you support Sexism, Racism, Transphobe,etc.👻 Harmful Identities (Pedos/Zoos)👻 If you’re -15👻 Just don't be a idiot or else I’ll block you without
ANY further notice :)
👻 I sometimes tell bad jokes
with Dark humor,
those not in the intention of harm anyone!
So please im sorry if i ever made you uncomfortable
with these bad jokes,
I will gladly stop if you tell me to!
I’m really sorry! 💦

☠️Before You Follow:☠️-I draw blood and gore soemtimes,always with a warning,but please stay warned!- My stories and characters may have religious content. (Devils,Angels,Gods-)-Some of my art and characters may have some revealing clothing!
Ill try to put a warning,tho!
-As stated before,my stories talk about some triggering stuff,such as wars,violence,deaths,rapes and diseases,
so please don’t follow me if you are sensitive,take
care of your healthy and mind,please!✨
(Said that,especially for rape and non-con stuff,
i don’t like and neither encourage this in any way!
They are here to be show that way,
just because i draw/write about it,doesn’t
mean i like it.)
We are not kids,so we should have an idea of
what is right and what is not,if you
break any of the rules above,
i will block and punch ya!

If you can't separate fiction from reality please don't talk to me,i don’t condone and neither encourage the actions i draw/write about.